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Meditation or Dhyana practices is good for everyone. In fact meditation  means bring awareness within …

Sadhana Circle is a team of yoga and spiritual who are practicing yoga meditation and …

Today’s world is very busy. Every one have to run and rush for maintaining day …

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What Is Kundalini Meditation? Our body consider as we have 7 chakras and 72000 nadis with very complex auto machine run
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To begin, consider a quote from Rūmī, a 13th century Persian poet: "The Master said there is one thing in this
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Today’s world, Yoga became very famous and a kind of way of life that everyone talks about. It became the
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Supreme truth is like a horizon, as you …

How one can empty their mind?Emptiness, and even …

What Is Kundalini Meditation? Our body consider as we …

To begin, consider a quote from RÅ«mÄ«, a …

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