How one can empty their mind?

Emptiness, and even when one say emptiness, then that saying itself keeps it filling, so perhaps it is better to say ‘how one can stop filling their mind’. This way you are already emptying it. Once thought is there, you may not able to clean it because you trying – that means you holding it, giving important on it, analysing it, and so on… which actually filling the mind instead.

Mind do not want ‘no mind’ thus, it will not allow to be empty. Thus, constantly, it inquire or look with help of our sensory organs something, otherwise mind lost its identity, which mind does not want. So, second things is to understand this phenomena of mind.

Third thing, mind has no bottom, so, mind constantly trying to hold but due to no bottom (mind is like a bucket that has many holes in it. If you fill the water, it is never filled up) in order to survive mind keep filling thoughts (images, sounds, or matters etc.), and mind constantly do it, as like – if you want to have water in that buckets which has holes on it, you need to keep feeling water in the bucket continuously… that what our mind does spontaneously.

Then how to empty your mind?

Not to trying to empty it, but stop filling it. Once you stop filling it naturally it empty itself. So, by nature (essence of our mind) is empty, the problems comes when someone try to empty it…. like keeping water on it and trying to fill it…. Any efforts you make for emptying it, you’re away from the emptiness. So, it is so simple, stop filling it.

Then, how you experience that emptiness?

You can not, till your mind is there. Because till the mind is there, then you are not empty at all. When you are totally empty, there is only emptiness, no mind to experience it, because when empty, mind collapse, and no mind to experience the emptiness It is that beyond the mind!

So, there is one more state – that is beyond the mind, which you only experience once you are at the stage of emptiness, a total emptiness stage which in other word called ‘wholeness’ or ‘oneness’ or supreme realm or ‘ultimate truth’ state. Any words you use, can not be appropriate.

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