Supreme truth is like a horizon, as you come close, it is still in distance. It is beyond the known, but not unknown. It is there-and everywhere.

How you experience it?

Perhaps you can not, because it is like ‘during a day’ you never experience ‘a night’ and similarly, during the night you can not experience a day. For the one, other need to sacrifice! So, truth is neither a day or night, but it is where both day and night is possible. Think other way, one side of the earth is day, and at the same time other side of the earth is night. But both is happening at the same time, and it is not different. And to see it, you have to be out of both (day and night) in the space, and even you are in the space, you are only able to see one side….

So, the truth is only that principle where one can experience the both at a time! Perhaps from an empty space one can experience that! So, how you can be empty like a space to see the truth?Dropping eveything, even thinking of dropping it!

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