Today’s world, Yoga became very famous and a kind of way of life that everyone talks about. It became the essential need of today, and it is likely right to say a kind of cultural of tomorrow. So, to summarize, it is a science of right living in today’s world

So, indeed, it is also very important that we need to understand what is yoga. The word Yoga means ‘Unity’ or ‘oneness’ and it comes from the Sanskrit words ‘yuj’ which means to join or connect. So, it is a way to connecting outer and inner body. Or it is a unity of physical and spiritual body, and further into subtle body or soul to the universal oneness. In other way, we can say it is the unity to individual consciousness to the Universal consciousness.

So, it is simply an exercise that helps to connect ourselves with different layers within us. It is a practice of Asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation, mantra Chanting or any other level of exercises and meditation that balance and provide harmony to the body, mind and emotions to achieve higher reality of life! Yoga is to connect within through simple exercises. There are many ways of doing exercises which helps to maintain our physical body and further through breathing help to connect with Sushma Sarira and further to the universal energy.

Understanding of yoga.

Before Yoga or Meditation, we most learned about our body. In general, we can divide our body in three parts, such as sthool Sarira or the physical body, the Suksma Sarira or the subtle body, the Karan Sarira the Causal body. Today’s world, we can learn easily about the physical body including as science has gone deeper to Atomic level and due to modern technology, we can learn or understand very well. So, to keep this physical body there are lots of way to follow or exercise to keep it fit, however modern science cannot understand well in other two types of bodies i.e., Suksma and Karana Sarira.

So, by proper yoga practices, and understanding of its benefits, it can help to refine all these three types of body or by doing proper Yoga, not only physical body, it also refines shuksma and Karana Saria as well which helps to achieve the purpose of human evolution. If you understand properly, then you may be benefits far more than just physical strength. For a long-term benefit, you must understand that you do something that benefits only you’re one body but three of them. If you imagine and feel that you doing something that will have a positive effect on three dimensions of your body, that really benefits. So, make sure that you make proper balance of all three Sarira.

It is very important that we understand yoga and follow accordingly. Without proper understanding of yoga, if we do, then it only become exercise which may benefit physically but not mentally at all. In other words, any exercise that connect your physical body to Sushma Sarira, that is yoga otherwise it is just an exercise. Any exercise that connect you, it a Yoga, otherwise it is just an exercise. Yoga means not doing exercise or posture, or breathing, it completely a package that connect you with your inner self.

Simply the word “yoga” means connection. It is means connect one with other so that it stays connected. But it is such types of connection, working timelessly with harmony and release the flow of energy all around.  Since it is very sensitive, we need to do very gently.

Technics and way of doing yoga:
There is no big different for exercise in modern physical fitness Centre or Gym and Yoga center, the only different is in Physical Fitness Center or Gym, you will use many external tools or equipments to exercise, where in Yoga Center, you use your very little supporting tools like mattress etc. rest you will use your own tools or own body parts to exercise.

So, in yoga, you use your own body as tools or parts body you use, you do not have any replacement in general, as like in Gym. In gym, if you damage a bench, you can easily replace with others, but where in yoga you are not using such external equipment, so you have to do every gently.  In yoga, there is no such a right replacement (of course development of medical science is there and you may do it nearly, but not the exactly). So, the 1st important thing is – whatever exercise you do, do gently and take care of your body very well.  There are many teach technics of doing yoga, you may use some guidelines from some good book or yoga master, do it that suits you, but only what I like to say is – which technics you do or the book you follow, follow accordingly. All that can work. Based on your own condition make a choice however choice should be based on your body not that you have to show up or giving impression to others

There few things you need to keep in your mind.

  • Make sure that you have an open and plan place for your Yoga practices
  • Get few accessories such as mattress, caissons etc.
  • Make sure that the place is safe and comfortable.
  • Make yourself some personal note and guidelines and follow some routines
  • Make sure whatever you do you do with pleasure and relax mood
  • In Yoga, continuity is very important so keep practicing
  • And learn to enjoy what you are doing.
  • Sometime invite friends or go with other places to share or exchange your experiences

Keep awareness on what you are doing.

While doing yoga, self-awareness is very important. As much aware you are more benefit you going to have in short and long terms. So, while moving your arms or legs, do it with having awareness in your movements. And follow your breathing. When you move make sure that there is a rhythm on your movement which happening yoga with your breath.

More you aware what you are doing more you concentrate of you doing and if this happen, you are sending more energy on that area which bring great level of improvement on it. Awareness of what you doing is the best way of mobilizing of your energy on it and also it helps to stay safe and sound as well. Having awareness while doing yoga, helps to avoid any accidental or injuries. And at the same time, you also enjoy and instantly benefit from it. Be at the moment or present when you doing Yoga

Continuations in Yoga practices:

It is very important that you give continuation in your yoga practices.  Lots of people do yoga, but they don’t continue it, and if this is happened, you may less benefit it, or sometime it can be harm as well. When you do yoga regularly, the energy level increases in your body and starts to flow another level but when you have gap in between, the fluctuation on energy level become the issue or obstacle to get your goal soon. As your body somehow unknowingly expect the yoga.  In order to keep practicing you need to be inspired of it, for this you may use any one around you or any model you know. Remember that person or your yoga master and follow internally the guideline he or she provide you. And simply or cosmically received the guidelines and continue it. Or buy a simple video click, CD or download some yoga class videos and start follow.

Here are few points that you need to keep in your mind:

  • Make sure that you fixed your yoga time – that is morning or Evening and if you choose evening time make sure that you do only after 5 hours of your last meal.
  • Choose your yoga practice session or styles that feets your mind and body. There are many yoga master or book or many technics to do, so make one model and follow it all the time. After sometime your body learned to do it and you build kind of habit or mastery on it.
  • Make sure that your body fits on your choice.
  • Try to reflect what you have learn during the day, implement in your life or share with some friends and talk about it. So, this way it helps you to doing it.
  • Make a proper route and continue it.
  • Sometime join other different classes or similar classes what you are doing.

Self-discipline and inner guidelines:

Self-discipline and inner guidelines are very important in yoga practices. Self-discipline takes important roles in Yoga practice which even helps controlling the modifications of the mind.

If you are aware that you are doing yoga, you do not need to imagine its benefits, it instantly benefits, however regularity is very important, without which, one cannot see the positive results of yoga. Self-discipline, is a lifelong commitment toward whatever form of yoga practices one does.

According to the Patanjali Yoga sutra, self-discipline is known as ‘Tapas’. Here the Tapas means a very powerful personal willingness to do something or desire to learn with having self-discipline in every activity for the purpose of improving interpersonal relationship and self-awareness. Self-disciplines means a holistic form following yogic activities such as waking up and sleeping, talking, listening, heathy diet, learning new things with in proper balancing of one’s emotion, anger and egos etc.

If you do not have self-discipline and inner guidelines, you cannot do it for a long time.  You need to really stay self-discipline and needed to guide by inner self!  It is very important that you are focus and be honest yourself.  Today, there are many types of Yogas, Ashanas, and pranayama has been developed and available to choose based on one’s requirement, however any form of exercise you choose that required time and efforts and you only can benefit if you do it properly and continuously.  Thus, in order to continue and do properly self-discipline is required.

Here are few guide lines to maintain self-discipline to practice Yoga:

Awareness is a knowledge that helps to know how the exercise can be done, and what are the benefits of doing it. If you are aware of it, then it helps you to focus on such yoga which brings better result in long term or short terms. As mentioned above, there are varieties of yoga, asana, and pranayama, one could choose based on their needs, and practice accordingly for the better physical and mental health/benefits. Please make sure that you acquire knowledge about the yoga Sana you doing by speaking with yoga teacher, share your experiences and concerns, and discuss with similar likeminded people to understand and gain the better knowledge.

It wisely said, success is a journey where there is no shortcut. Some of the yoga asanas are time taking, and required regular practices in order to get the better result. It is very important to practicing yoga with self-discipline as day to day basis or one need to do yoga in regular basis in order bring positive changes in their life. Yoga practices should be modern lifestyle, do steadily to bring positive changes and reward yourself. It is very important to follow the self-discipline or certain guidelines to maintain the consistency with yoga practices, such as use fixed time and place for yoga practices, avoid laziness, regulate your sleeping time 6 -7 hours each day, wake up on time, go early bed, raise early in the morning, do yoga empty stomach or at least after 5 hours of your meal, at least take light meal 3 hours before sleep, avoid parties, alcoholic consumption, use less electronic gadgets,

Yoga place or Centre:

It is very important that you choose good and stable yoga center in order to make it regular and avoid the discontinuation. Find out likeminded people in order to inspire or give it continuity. If you have nice team, you may enjoy all the actives and can motivate others and yourself as well.